کتاب اصطلاحات انگلیسی Explained

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کتاب اصطلاحات انگلیسی Explained
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کتاب اصطلاحات انگلیسی Explained

English Idioms کتاب

کتاب English Idioms Explained

Learn How to Use and Understand 125 Idioms in English


نویسنده: Janet Gerber

سال ۲۰۱۵

زبان: انگلیسی

تعداد صفحات: ۷۰

نوع فایل: PDF

حجم: ۵۰۰ کیلوبایت


In the book 'English Idioms Explained' you will learn over 125 idioms in English.

Why is it important to understand Idioms?
When developing fluency in English you will hear many expressions like 'think outside the box' or 'let the cat out of the bag;' the meaning of these idioms or expressions can not be understood form the individual words in the expression. It is necessary to understand idioms and their meanings to improve your fluency in the English language; for both speaking and comprehension.

When watching TV, listening to music or the news you will hear many idioms.

This book is for intermediate and advanced English language learners or ESL/EFL students.

In this book 'English Idioms Explained' you will learn more than 125 Idioms, you will learn the definition or meaning of each idiom and see several example sentences of how it can be used correctly in English.

Ready to improve your English fluency and understanding with 'English Idioms Explained'? Great!


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