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کتاب تقویت درک مطلب زبان انگلیسی
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کتاب تقویت درک مطلب زبان انگلیسی

کتاب تقویت ریدینگ زبان انگلیسی

Better Reading English: Improve Your Understanding of Written English


نویسنده: Jenni Currie Santamaria

انتشارات: McGraw-Hill Education

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زبان انگلیسی

تعداد صفحات ۲۴۱

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Sharpen your language skills while you send your knowledge of American culture

The more you read in English, the greater your knowledge of the language and of the culture of its native speakers. The short articles in Better Reading English reflect real-life, contemporary issues and situations that will help you understand more about American English and the people who speak it daily.

Each chapter features articles that cover a specific topic, with each subsequent piece becoming more challenging as the section progresses. These engaging texts come from everyday sources, so you get a contemporary snapshot of the culture of the American English-speaking world, from the natural world to urban life, and from the early United States to modern technology. The exercises that follow each article will help the development of your language skills, such as:

● Using word formation, cognates, and context to determine meaning
● Understanding idioms and artistic expressions
● Improving your speed in reading English

Better Reading English will not only help you improve or revive your language skills, but will also open up the enjoyable and exciting world of reading in English.


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