کتاب How to Pass Higher English

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کتاب How to Pass Higher English
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کتاب How to Pass Higher English

How to Pass Higher English (How to Pass – Higher Level) by Ann Bridges

How to Pass Higher English


نویسنده: Ann Bridges

انتشارات: Hodder Gibson

سال ۲۰۰۹

زبان انگلیسی

تعداد صفحات ۱۷۵

نوع فایل PDF

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Get the best grades with this SQA endorsed guide from one of Scotland's top experts.

This guide provides complete revision support by combining an overview of the course syllabus with ways to improve exam performance.

– Refresh knowledge with complete course notes

– Improve performance and avoid unnecessary mistakes with top tips and hints

– Find out what markers are looking for to gain vital extra marks


How to Pass is the Number 1 revision series for Scottish qualifications across the three examination levels of Standard Grade, Intermediate and Higher! Second editions of the books present all of the material in full colour for the first time.

How to Pass Higher English provides a comprehensive guide to the course offered by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, and whilst no book can guarantee an examination pass, this title combines an overview of the course syllabus and exam requirements, as well as a guide to revision techniques and advice on sitting the examination itself. Like all titles in the How to Pass series, it offers unique insights into what markers are actually looking for, so that users of this book will avoid unnecessary mistakes – and should gain those extra marks that are so essential to moving up a grade…


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