کتاب Rules for Writers 2016

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کتاب Rules for Writers 2016
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کتاب Rules for Writers 2016

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Rules for Writers

امتیاز کتاب ۴ از ۵

نویسنده: Diana Hacker, Nancy Sommers

انتشارات: Macmillan Learning

سال ۲۰۱۶

زبان انگلیسی

ویرایش هشتم

تعداد صفحات ۷۰۸

نوع فایل PDF

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Rules for Writers, now updated with the 2016 MLA update offers practical and reliable advice to effective writing. Advice is offered on topics such as; composing and revising, writing arguments, analysing texts, using grammar and punctuation correctly, and working with sources. It is packed with exercises which provide excellent writing practice for students and lecturers can also benefit, saving time and effort by drawing from Rules for Writers for planning class discussions, conducting in-class workshops, and providing feedback on student work that they can easily apply.

Rules provides sensible advice and practical models to help students with composing and revising, reading critically, developing and delivering spoken and written arguments, analyzing texts, practicing grammar and punctuation skills, conducting research, and integrating and citing sources.

With clear and straightforward advice and explanations, charts that summarize key content, and menus that quickly lead users to help, Rules is everything students and their instructors have come to expect in a Hacker handbook.

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