دیکشنری کلمات متضاد و مترادف آکسفورد

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دیکشنری کلمات متضاد و مترادف آکسفورد
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دیکشنری کلمات متضاد و مترادف آکسفورد

دیکشنری آکسفورد کم حجم مترادف

Oxford Learner's Thesaurus: A dictionary of synonyms

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دیکشنری کلمات مترادف و متضاد آکسفورد با بیش از ۱۷۰۰۰ واژه‌


A synonyms dictionary written especially for learners. It groups words with similar meanings and explains the differences between them.


Key features

* Over 17,000 synonyms and opposites from written and spoken English.

* CD-ROM with access to the complete Thesaurus and over 250 practice exercises.

* ۹-page Thesaurus Trainer to help you make the most of your Thesaurus.

* ۱۶ Study Pages focusing on topics and exam-style questions.

* Illustrated Topic Maps with exercises to help build vocabulary.

* A-Z Index and Topic Index make it easy to find any word in the Thesaurus.

 * Shortlisted for British Council UK ELT Innovation Award


English level:

Upper-Intermediate to Advanced

B2 to C2

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