فرهنگ موضوعی فارسی – انگلیسی

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فرهنگ موضوعی فارسی – انگلیسی
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فرهنگ موضوعی فارسی – انگلیسی

فرهنگ موضوعی

کتاب فرهنگ موضوعی فارسی – انگلیسی

A Thematic Dictionary of Modern Persian


نویسنده: Colin Turner

انتشارات: Routledge

سال: ۲۰۰۴

زبان: فارسی – انگلیسی

تعداد صفحات ۶۹۶

نوع فایل PDF

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Now available in paperback, A Thematic Dictionary of Modern Persian is a reference work unique in the history of English-Persian lexicography. It offers a considerably extended guide to modern everyday Persian vocabulary, arranged by theme. With approximately 25,000 Persian headwords in over seventy themed sections, it covers every conceivable vocabulary need: from everyday topics such as food or the weather, to more in-depth topics such as astronomy, psychology or international relations. Supplementary wordlists cover verbs, adjectives and parts of speech, while a special section on Persian simple and compound verbs will appeal to all learners of Persian. An easy-to-use index of English words, with over 20,000 items of vocabulary, completes the work and gives it the look and feel of a regular two-way bilingual dictionary.

Invaluable for vocabulary building, essay-writing and specialised translation, A Thematic Dictionary of Modern Persian caters for all your Persian language needs in one volume, and is designed to make word learning a pleasure rather than a chore.


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