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کتاب تقویت رایتینگ برای دانشجویان
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کتاب تقویت رایتینگ برای دانشجویان

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Just Write It


نویسنده: Greta Solomon

انتشارات: McGraw-Hill Education

زبان انگلیسی

تعداد صفحات ۱۸۸

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Just Write It! is a writing skills book with a difference. It teaches students to unblock their preconceptions and negative thoughts about writing. This helps them to achieve the marks that they are capable of and to realize their full potential.d by a professional writer and writing coach, this book uses a proven method and set of techniques that unlock creativity and teach students to fully articulate their thoughts and tackle any written task.Quizzes, exercises and checklists allow students to assess their current writing behaviour and track their improvement. Students are first introduced to general skills and techniques before learning how to apply these skills to the most common types of writing they are likely to face.


This unique book covers topics including:

*Developing a positive attitude to writing

*Using objects to kick-start creativity

*Generating ideas and turning them into arguments

*Applying your new knowledge to essays, dissertations, reports and articles

*Writing your way to your dream job


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