کتاب Objective General English

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کتاب Objective General English
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کتاب Objective General English

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Objective General English: 10,000 Plus Questions

نویسنده: Vikas Aggarwal,Dr. R.S. Aggarwal

انتشارات: S. Chand & Company Ltd

زبان انگلیسی

سال ۲۰۰۸

تعداد صفحات ۳۳۶

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About the bookobjective general english, available in paperback, is an excellent grammar guide in english for people who are preparing for different exams like mba, rbi, bank po, nda, ies, cds, railway recruitment and hotel management. The book provides students with a systematic and structural method of learning to increase the retention factor.

this book is divided into 6 sections for the convenience of the students. It covers topics like vocabulary usage, comprehension ability, selecting words or phrases, error detection, rearrangement and general usage. Objective general english delves into the topics in detail. It helps readers to develop their communication skills and increase their ability to understand the text provided in the exam efficiently.

It teaches the right way to go through a passage to extract its accurate meaning, while also understanding its tone.from choosing the right filler, selecting the right words and phrases, to detecting errors efficiently and creating a paragraph that is well-constructed, the book explains everything in a simple language. Subsequently, methods to improve a paragraph by rearranging sentences are explored.the book objective general english was published in the year 2011. It helps readers give an aesthetic touch to their language. The book also covers the usage of idioms, phrases and looks into the right usage of active and passive voice and direct and indirect speech.


An ideal book for

Bank P.O.,S.B.I.P.O.,R.B.I.Exam.

M.B.A.,Hotel Management

Railway Recruitment Exam.


I.E.S.,L.I.C.A.A.O., G.I.C.A.A.O.

I. Tax and Central Excise.

Sub-Inspectors of Police Exams.

Asstt. Grade, Section Officers, U.D.C.


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